Nice and Slow

Long Weekend

Posted in Vacation by Dormboy on August 23, 2009

August 23, 2009.

I am so excited there is a long weekend like this. I got the chance to go home in my hometown. There’s no itinerary in particular for the weekend; for as long as I could sleep and relax during the weekend that’s good enough for me.

After working in the busy city of Manila, having a long weekend is like pressing  a pause button for me. It is a nice call to halt for awhile and have a rest. I love my work but working too much deteriorates my twenty-something-old body. Boy I already have migraine, back aches, constant pain in my lower abdomen. I don’t need to go for check-up to know that these are all signs of stress.

I thank God for giving us  a long weekend. And guess what there’s another one coming next week! Great!

Every time there’s a long weekend I just spend more time with my family. I know all the time I missed not being with them so I rather spend more time with them as much as I could.

I also write during my free time, and having a long weekend gives me ample time to write or should I use the term to blog! I enjoy blogging. I blog because I know I am writing my history. As of the moment I am managing numerous blogs. I am not sure if all my blog will meet the popularity other blogs have. But the simple fulfillment I feel every time I post a new article is enough motivation for me to continue blogging.

Nice & Slow Moment:

Daydreaming! Yes I daydream a lot. I visualize everything I want to fulfill during my life time. I dream of being financially independent by next year. I also see the numerous business establishments I will soon have. Add to the fact that I want to become a barista on my self-established coffee shop!

Most of all I dream of having a simple yet meaningful life. I know I could achieved this kind of life if I go to the road less traveled- the academy! I planned to go teaching after my corporate days are over. I believe I have the capacity to inspire young people to learn both the subject their course dictates and the true meaning of life!


I wish we always have a long weekend to pause for a while and to take things slowly for even for just awhile. After I read this, I know it will be time to go back to reality. No matter what happens tomorrow I am already charged up! Let’s get it on!

Question for you:

“How did you spend your long weekend?”